Thursday, 27 September 2012

Successful College Essays

Qualifying for college is easy; getting admitted to the college of your choice is the hardest part. This is the time even the best students are rejected because of their bad college essays.
Successful college essays are those that work miracles. They help you charm your way into the hearts of the admission officer because you are just too good to let you go. They have to accept you in their college.
When writing application essays, stakes are high and therefore each student has to fight to be selected. This process is highly competitive; there is no room for bad college essays.
Successful college essays are built from strong creative ideas. Be like Scheherazade from the Arabian Nights who uses her creative stories to win the hardened heart of the Sultan.
Bad college essays belong in one place – inside the trash can or the recycle bin. Try harder to write good essays so that your papers end up in neither place.
Successful essays are often about personal experiences that seek to display your identity and personality. They reveal to the admission officer who you are and what interests you.
(Read how to write an admission essay here.)
However, as interesting as your life history may be, do not try to narrate your whole life on a piece of paper.  This congests students’ work turning them into bad college essays. Instead pick one moment in your life (big or small moment) that you believe can make an impact.
It is common knowledge that not all of us are gifted with excellent writing ideas but with the availability of writing tips all over the internet, you can at least try to come up with an impressive college essay.
Successful college essays are built from strong essay ideas of other students who have passed through the system.
When you want to write successful college essays, do not rush it. Treat it more like a caress, if done too quickly, it will have less effect on the intended target.
Remember you have the opportunity to be the master of your own fate. If you play your cards correctly, the mail man will soon be knocking at your doorsteps with a big white envelope with your acceptance letter inside.
When everything is done, you can sing along to Asher Roth’s I Love College as you accustom yourself with your new college life and anticipate for a fun college year.

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