Thursday, 27 September 2012

Bad College Essays

A lot of high school seniors often find writing a college essay more painful than the removal of their first tooth. Some of them just don’t know what is expected of them; they always end up writing bad college essays.
The truth is if your essay is bad then you can kiss the acceptance letter goodbye. Bad essays achieve only one thing; they put off the admission officer and make him grit his teeth in sheer disappointment at the garbage presented before him.
Bad college essays fail to deliver in all aspects; they don’t inspire, entertain nor inform. The admission officer is left wondering if your 5 year brother was the ghost writer of your essay and then sent it without your knowledge.
One of my teachers in high school often said that students are last minute strugglers; they only engage in an important activity when the due date stares them on the face. I couldn't agree with him more because the culture of procrastination explains why most students write bad college essays.

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How are you supposed to write a good essay if you are not adequately prepared? The end result is an essay that does not display any creativity or uniqueness to make it stand out. It just adds to the pool of already bad college essays.
Apart from adequate preparedness, writing a bad essay can also be prevented if students choose good topics for college essays. A good topic is a prerequisite for an excellent college application essay.
If chosen carefully, a topic will sell your essay by the first glance. Topics are meant to briefly inform the reader what the essay is about. Good topics for college essays should instantly grab the attention of the admission officer. A good topic sets the pace for a good college essay.
Good topics for college essays need not be common or predictable. If you choose a common topic, be warned. In that heap of essays, there are at least 20 other students or even more with the same title. Surely monotony kills all the fun.
However, a common topic can only work if you are ingenious enough to weave into it an extra ordinary story and thus revive what started as a boring title.
Students can derive good topics for college essays from personal experiences, achievements, background or personality that would make their stories unique than the rest. 

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