Thursday, 27 September 2012

College Entrance Essay Examples

Ideally, great college essays encompass the ability of the writer to communicate clearly and concisely. To do this, the writer needs to address the numerous questions that may be going through the mind of the admissions officer.
There are many reasons why college entrance essay examples have been rejected in the past years; and it is wise to learn from the mistakes that writers have made so that we do not fall into those pitfalls. The cornerstone of all well-written college entrance essay examples is their ability to communicate. In essence, that is the reason behind every piece of writing.
Additionally, great college essays incorporates the following;
1.      Originality
In some college entrance essay examples, there have been cases of writers copying essays from those written by others who have qualified to join the colleges before them. This has always proved to be a futile endeavor as the essay is not only flagged as being plagiarized  but additionally, the essay requirements from previous years do not necessarily match up with those of the current year.
2.      Creativity
Great college essays require creative writers who can blend this creativity with clarity while at the same time, communicating their ideas systematically. A good writer does everything possible to communicate with clarity lest they have their material misinterpreted. It is therefore wise for the applicant to go through the essay about three times to ensure its clarity before submitting it.
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There have been cases where applicants did not follow instructions to the letter. For instance, one may forget to indicate the faculty of choice. This, while appearing to be a small matter, may cost the candidate the chance to join college as desired. They are therefore forced to wait for the following year to apply again. An essay like this is ranked among many rejected college entrance essay examples; not because the essay was bad in and of itself, but because they were unable to follow simple instructions. To avoid this error, go through the essay at least three times before submitting it.Some mistakes may seem small but they need to be avoided because they project the writer as being irresponsible.
3.      Comprehensiveness
The applicant needs to answer every essay question comprehensively. Since the point of the essay is for the College Board to get an understanding of who you are and how you think, it is advised that you give as much detail as possible. However, it is equally important to have boundaries. Do not omit or exaggerate attributes but at the same time, do not give too much information e.g. about that time that you got so drunk that you do not even remember how you got arrested.
In addition, if you have received any awards or other recognition, give a detailed, clear and concise description of the events that led to it in your great college essays, without leaving any relevant information out. This way, the reader is able to recognize your finest points and strengths. 

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